Technology spectrum

Intelligent technological processes for multi-functional complete machining
The workpiece is paramount! ... that's why WEISSER stays focused on excellent process control and the development of its own machining processes, substituting and reducing processing times.

The company has developed numerous innovative technologies which have influenced the industry, such as the pick-up process or processes such as hard turning, rotational turning and out-of-round turning, all of which are now considered essential for machining.

In order to offer their clients customized, piece-cost-effective complete machining which is often associated with multi-stage production in a single machine, WEISSER develops machine tools with integrated process solutions for higher work speeds, productivity, process reliability and availability.

WEISSER offers an equally comprehensive and versatile range of technologies with a wealth of experience to solve challenging manufacturing tasks. WEISSER'S technological core competence includes among other things:

  • A patented rotational turning method for twist-free surfaces with the resulting substitution of grinding processes
  • Hard turning with minimal cycle times and maximum precision standards
  • Out-of-round turning (internal, external and face) with the patented WEISSER HOT system for producing regular polygons and disharmonious profile shapes
  • Whirling of pocket windows in bearing cages
  • Drilling, reaming and milling, particularly in a combined procedures process
  • Internal, external and face grinding / super-finishing as an independent technology module or in a combination of processes
Technology spectrum
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