System or Process Integration

...always the right Tailor-made Solution

Automated machine tools and/or turning centres that can be integrated into processes as well as system integrations can be used to reduce throughput and set-up times depending on the requirements' profile.

We develop the optimum and efficient tailor-made solution as a process or system integration for each application in cooperation with our customers.

Process integration:

The machine finishing is achieved in a single set-up wherever possible with technology or process integration in a working area using the options of hard, out-of-round and rotational turning, drilling, threading, milling or grinding, amongst other things. This achieves high workpiece quality, contour accuracy and surface finishes. In addition, set-up, tooling, programming and idle times are drastically reduced.

Variants of the WEISSER process integration:

  • Single or multi-spindle complete workpiece machining in a single set-up
  • Complete machining processing through follow-on operations in a multi-spindle working area and thus significantly reduced downtimes and maximum precision
  • Workpieces are picked up, transported and transferred to the automation fully automatically within the working area using the original WEISSER Pick-up System (WEISSER patent) or workpiece grippers.
  • Complete manufacturing with a turning station for the rear-face machining of workpieces in the second set-up
  • Process integration into manufacturing lines with automated workpiece transport
  • Highly productive and efficient process integration as a substitute for multi-stage production
  • Link to post-process monitoring stations, for example

System integration:

System integration through the intelligent and efficient link of manufacturing solutions, such as rotational turning/hard turning and gear grinding makes flexible and highly productive solutions from multiple machine systems possible. The advantage of extremely short cycle times in the individual processes remains completely unaffected. Workpiece handling, waiting times and the machine periphery are significantly improved through the system integration.

Advantages of the process or system integration:

  • Reduction in the order throughput times using technologies perfectly coordinated with one another
  • Multi-stage production is conducted using one system
  • Complete automated machining reducing unit costs
  • Reduction in the in-plant logistics processes
  • High productivity per unit area by concentrating the complete supply chain on just a few square metres
  • Significant reduction in the investment costs for the automation
  • Link to post-process monitoring stations, for example
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Multifunctional complete machining

  • Technology integration in the working area of the machine in a single set-up
  • System integration in two set-ups, such as the hard fine machining of gears