Console clamping system

Console clamping system for high-precision machining of cylindrical surfaces of filigree components in a single set-up. WEISSER's high-precision lathes expertise in conjunction with the patented STERMAN console-clamping technology allows problem solutions for high accuracy requirements in terms of shape and position tolerances.

The new console clamping system enables an entirely new work process by which, due to the special clamping situation, precision machining of bearing surfaces, for instance, can be realized in a single clamping, in particular for components that require a high concentricity between the inner and outer diameter.

Even extremely thin-walled workpieces can be clamped axially without being deformed, so that accuracies of <5 μm can be achieved. Due to the axial clamping, this clamping method is perfectly suited for tension-free processing also of non-magnetic materials.

The advantages:

  • Machining the inner and outer diameters in a single clamping
  • No reclamping of the components
  • Combination with machining processes such as rotational turning, hard turning or grinding
  • Time-synchronous machining of inner and outer diameters (optional)
  • No magnetic clamping technology, therefore ideally suited for non-ferrous metals
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Console clamping system


  • Clamping of delicate components
  • High dimensional and positional accuracy