System integration for hard fine machining of gear wheels: WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL

  • Flexible cell consisting of a hard-machining turning centre and gear grinder
  • Handling of workpieces with an integrated turnover station for short loading and unloading times during machining
  • Rotational turning and tooth-flank generating grinding
  • Reduced automation sizes
  • Integrated machining concepts

The ideal finish machining which follows the hardening of the gear wheels and the process steps for surface quality is the combination of machining gear reference surfaces with the original WEISSER rotational turning method and finishing by KAPP gear grinding.

These two highly accurate methods are combined in the WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL in a so-called system integration and enable highly economical machining of transmission gears for the transmissions of, for example, passenger cars or commercial vehicles.

The benefits of this process integration enable:

  • Reduction of order throughput times due to perfectly matched technologies
  • Multi-stage production carried out in a single system
  • Cost-per-piece-minimizing complete automated machining
  • Reduction of internal logistics processes
  • High surface productivity thanks to the concentration of the entire value chain on a few square meters
  • Significant reduction of capital costs for the automation    

Supplementing the hard machining of reference surfaces by rotational turning yields further benefits:

  • Savings potential of up to 77% compared to conventional hard turning and grinding processes
  • Significant reduction of processing times due to high long-term accuracy of manufacturing tolerances and excellent process stability
  • Twist-free surfaces with a roughness of less than Rz = 1 μm
  • Substitution of grinding processes
  • External, internal and face turning
  • Much higher feeds and cutting speeds

The machines are designed to be flexible and are ideal for piece-cost-effective finish machining of various lot sizes while meeting extremely high quality standards.

The MultiCELL, consisting of a WEISSER UNIVERTOR AC-1 and a KAPP KX100, is unsurpassed worldwide in terms of working speed, availability, stability and reliability.

Technical data on the WEISSER UNIVERTOR AC-1
Front spindle bearing diametermm90
Chuck sizemm210
Maximum motor-spindle powerkW27
X axis working strokemm260
Travel path Z axismm180
Rapid motion speed X axism/min60
Rapid motion speed Z axism/min30
Special featureVery short "chip-to-chip" times.
Technical data on the KAPP KX 100
Maximal modulemm3
Maximum tip circle diametermm100 (125)
Maximum width of gearingmm80
Maximum helix angleGrad+/- 45°
Gearing quality (according to DIN 3962)s5
Floor to floor times30
Special featurePick-up system
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Hard fine machining


  • Pick-up concepts
  • Compact installation surface
  • Integrated handling of parts
  • Rotational turning
  • Hard turning, grinding within the system
  • Extremely short cycle times