Machine design

The modularly structured, vertical and horizontal machine models of the VERTOR and UNIVERTOR series have a flexible design and are predestined for machining a wide variety of workpieces made of many different materials.A special focus is placed on the highly precise complete machining of various lot sizes at low piece costs.

Multi-functional WEISSER precision lathes and turning centres are manufactured within a very flexible modular system, exactly in accordance with the individual requirement profiles of the customer.The basic machines with original WEISSER precision turning spindles are designed for providing the ideal solution for every production task. Depending on the application area, WEISSER technology modules are expanded individually according to customer wishes.

These make the integration of different processes possible, such as hard turning, out-of-round turning, rotational turning, drilling, thread-cutting, milling and grinding in the work areas specially adapted for the purposes of the application. In this way, finish machining in one setup can be realized, for example. This way, maximum workpiece quality, contour precision and surface quality are ensured, even for complex geometries.

Quality to the finest detail – this standard always has top priority when implementing innovative technologies. Thus, perfect solutions are created with the in-house development and optimization of drive and control technology, sensor systems, guide elements and other machine components.All this leads to very high long-term precision and process reliability for the machine and application.

The basis for this are the WEISSER machine models with unique equipment, a multitude of high-tech components and the consistently precise WEISSER machine tool construction based on over 150 years of experience.


WEISSER machine concepts are particularly characterized by:

  • very stable thermo-symmetrical machine design of the FEM-optimized monoblock machine column
  • original WEISSER synchronous motor spindle with direct drive technology and precision bearings
  • original WEISSER drive components, designed for maximum performance, high rigidity and wear strength for a maximum service life
  • the pick-up method, patented and developed by WEISSER, offers the maximum degree of automation in the work area (WEISSER patent). Can be ideally used for removing and transferring parts to automation systems and for workpiece transport
  • precision linear guides
  • linear axes with high dynamics thanks to maintenance-free three-phase servo drives
  • use of self-developed, innovative, tried-and-tested technology modules for turning, out-of-round turning, milling, grinding; top modularity for perfect processes
  • length-measurement systems with absolute position measurement
  • high accelerations and rapid feed speeds
  • design of the machine coverings according to ergonomics and function criteria
  • tool, process and machine status monitoring for high process reliability
  • in- and post-process measurement for automatic process correction
  • high energy efficiency thanks to WEISSER greenplus design
  • process-adapted, customized automation solutions

Traditionally, the machines are set to "mechanical zero", i.e. all precision-related components and modules are specially measured and are "finely mounted" despite the high basic precisions of the individual components. This way, minimum mechanical deviations can be achieved, which results in homogeneous wear behaviour, for example, and high long-term stability of the complete machine system is guaranteed.

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