The new future code: "Energy per piece" – the solution: WEISSER greenplus®

  • Energy-efficient workpiece cutting
  • Energy – Sustainability – Efficiency
  • Rotational turning

Energy efficiency is vital – now and in the future. Due to steep increases in energy prices, the manufacturing industry must find new solutions regarding the energy efficiency of machines and plants.

In the discussion of energy consumption, a sustainable energy supply and the reduction of greenhouse gases, the consistent use of new technologies is becoming increasingly important. Climate change and the growing need for economical use of scarce resource pose major challenges to industrial production.

WEISSER meets these criteria with an innovative milestone; the visionary greenplus concept which was already presented in 2009. Especially in terms of energy-efficient workpiece cutting, WEISSER offers a superior range of features that reduce the factor "Energy per piece" to a minimum, thereby profitably mobilizing considerable resources.

In the mean time, a large part of this development has been included in the series and is consistently taken into account in new developments. Own developments in the field of drive technology ensure machines that are ready for the future with low energy consumption

The basic criteria for an ideal and therefore profitable process of energy-efficient cutting are completely reinterpreting high-tech machine tools. Examples of this include the following future codes:


  • Efficient use of energy
  • Energy recovery
  • Smart energy management
  • Efficiency-optimized drive technology
  • Low-consumption auxiliary units


  • FEM-supported component design
  • Automated complete machining
  • Patented, environment-friendly rotational turning process
  • Optimal process monitoring
  • High long-term accuracy and process stability
  • Consistent optimization of existing processes


  • Life Cycle Costing with low "Cost per piece" and low "Energy per piece"
  • Patented WEISSER rotational turning with up to 77 percent savings potential compared to conventional machining methods
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Extremely high machine availability
  • User- and maintenance-friendly machining concepts

The rotational turning process, which offers an unsurpassed savings potential, plays the key role in the greenplus concept.