The new WEISSER E-MACHINE …consistently electric

The world's first all-electric precision lathe is ideal for many applications, such as highly dynamic cutting processes, i.e. high-performance technologies such as out-of-round turning.

  • No hydraulic or pneumatic actuators
  • Advanced, scalable control technology
  • All movements of the E-MACHINE are executed completely electrically
  • Efficient use of energy

In the exemplary version of an out-of-round precision lathe, the VERTOR C-1 E-MACHINE concept offers ideal conditions for the inclusion of the HOT (Hyper-speed Oval Turning) machining system. This enables the production of oval and polygonal workpiece shapes on a high technological level.

Due to the exclusive use of electric components and actuators, energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved over the entire life cycle of a WEISSER machine tool.

Special WEISSER servo-drive technology and highly efficient cutting processes, such as out-of-round turning or rotational turning, make an additional significant contribution to increasing the energy efficiency.

Thanks to a more homogeneous temperature development and impact-free machine operation due to controlled drives, even in the ancillary units, the customer benefits in terms of availability, stability and reliability are improved even further. This leads to a further increase in productivity.

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  • No pneumatic actuators
  • No hydraulic actuators
  • Completely electric