Hints for applications

You want to make an application at WEISSER? – We show you how to proceed!

In order to have a good start in your professional future we have compiled answers to the most popular questions with regard to the application. If we had no answer to your personal question, please simply contact

Jürgen Wehrle, phone-no. +49 7724 881-249 directly.

When is the right time for an application?

Please always send your application at the latest till August of the year which precedes the year of the intended start of the training.

What shall be included in my appliction?

The following components are important for your application:

  • a covering letter without fault
  • a personal data sheet with photo
  • copies of the last two school certificates
  • as the case may be other certificates / proofs (e.g. PC-courses or similar)

In addition to your school performance we are also interested in your other interests and out-of-school activities as e.g.

  • holiday jobs and practical courses
  • memberships / honorary posts
  • hobbies
  • stays abroad
  • other knowledge and skills, as e.g. PC- experience or command of language



To which address shall I send my application documents?

You have the possibility to send your application documents by e-mail or in an application folder by mail.

Application to the postal address:
attn.: Mr. Jürgen Wehrle
Johann-Georg-Weisser-Straße 1
78112 St. Georgen

Application by e-mail to:



What happens after the receipt of your application?

After receipt of your application it will be inspected by the responsible training manager. Here we pay special attention to…

  • the completeness of the application documents
  • your school performance
  • the grading of behaviour and participation in the school
  • out-of-school activities (e.g. club work, social commitment etc.)
  • special knowledge / skills / interests
  • faultless orthography
  • the overall impression of the application

What can I expect at the aptitude test?

If you are shortlisted after the evaluation of your application documents, you will be invited to an aptitude test at first. Beyond that we carry out group exercises or group discussions together with other applicants consistently.

What is important for a job interview?

If you have mastered the aptitude test resp. the group exercise successfully, we will invite you to a job interview. Here you have the chance to convince the training manager personally of yourself and your skills. Therefore the following items are very important:

  • a friendly and outgoing behaviour
  • apparent interest in the conversation
  • basic knowledge of the company
  • fair and square answering of the questions
  • proper clothing



When will the final selection of the trainees take place?

The final selection of our future trainees takes place when all job interviews are finished. The decision will be made from the respective training manager and the company management.



Why is a medical check-up required before the start of the training?

Young persons under 18 years must go to the mandatory check-up before the start of the training. This is normally made by the company physician at WEISSER or by the respective family doctor. It is required to find out whether there is any reason to fear health disadvantages for the trainee caused by the training. If the results of the check-up are o.k. you will receive a consent from the human resources department and your indenture will be issued.